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In the modern business world professionalism and honesty are the key to success. We are a team of specialists who are able to help with keeping up with finances of your company.

We are skilled in adapting up-to-date financial and bookkeeping software and could easily integrate and automate accounting workflow into your business routine.

Our specialists perform the detailed review of your financial activities and provide workflow optimization acting as an a full-time participant of your company. We make sure that your timely financial reports are created on automated basis upon various performance metrics. We are also capable of savvy planning and help you with budgeting. The range of our clients varies from entrepreneurs to midsize companies. We are proud to be the part of their success stories and are looking forward to create yours.

Our Services

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Bookkeeping & Reconciliation

Our office is located in New York and we provide management and enhancement of your bookkeeping systems through the cloud. We use encrypted servers and securely store all your documentation in one place.

Bookkeeping & Reconciliation

We pay special attention to top-notch cloud accounting software to set up basic accounting, provide account receivable management and account payable management. There is various project management softwares at our hand to get connected to the customers and secure their financial activities.

Remote CFO & Controller Services

Our specialists could work on part-time or special projects basis organizing your financial systems in one place. Our certified advisors bring control over your key performance indicators. We provide the management and training of your staff.

Remote CFO & Controller Services

Our qualified specialists act on behalf of your company taking care of the budget and providing advisory services. It’s cost effective to invite a CFO ‘from outside’ than offer a monthly salary to an in-house one. GMY Consulting Group also provides controller services of your bookkeeping activities. Basic operations include deposits tracking, recording and reconciliation of daily sales, payroll reports uploading and records activity tracking. On top of all, we provide the tools to predict expected payments based on the activity of your company.

Payroll &

Sales Tax Filings

At GMY Consulting Group, we offer a wide range of payroll services which includes tax filings, direct deposit setup, etc.

Payroll & Sales Tax Filings

Taking care of the taxes is essential especially if you are running your own company and have to grasp more than one parameter in the assessment of your financial workflow. We provide payroll solutions depending on various factors which need to be taken into consideration. For companies working in retail and wholesale spheres, we also provide the service of Sales Tax Filings. Send us a line and upon an initial contact, we agree on the system to use that match your type of business perfectly.

Budgeting & Cost Control

We understand that planning needs detailed preparation. We are happy to provide you with all necessary financial data on time and in the most accurate way making business planning a pleasant routine.

Budgeting & Cost Control

We easily explain the strongest and weakest sides of your current financial operations, providing high-level oversight. Our CFOs dig in and get a clear understanding of your company’s priorities and plans. To take your company to the next level and increase its business value, they frame your financial results in the given scheduled time. We are experienced in defining long-term company’s commitments and are in charge of the financial flexibly enabling your successful activity.

Personal Financial Assistant Services

Personal Financial Assistant Services

If you lack a skilled professional to handle personal financial matters you surely get one with us. We suggest multiple communication channels providing excellent customer support which is the trademark of our company. In addition to the aforementioned services we also work with individuals. We help you keep a grasp over your spendings in the most cost-effective way. Our specialists organize your records and bills, manage your day-to-day expenses. We explain complex medical and insurance billing, organize the paperwork, automate debt payments, close the accounts if needed and also advise on the budget planning.

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